Some of the benefits of rugs over carpets. 


Rugs create a wide selection of decorator designs and colours to add an impact to any home.


Hand made rugs are all individually made with no two rugs being exactly alike to give an individual touch to your home.

Long Lasting

Irrespective of quality, all rugs will last longer than fitted broadloom carpets because they can be moved during their life. They can be totally removed prior to a social gathering or turned 180 degrees to share the wear or moved a small distance at regular intervals to shift the wear spots.

International Flavour

Particularly hand made rugs give exceptional value as they would not be available in Western Countries such as Australia due to high wages. Their prices are very low due to the low cost of wages in the Eastern Countries such as India, Pakistan and China.


Rugs combined with a mixture of hard floorings give as interesting and individual styling that creates a quality and personal style to any home.

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