What the difference between the methods of construction?


Tufted looms are like a large sewing machine. Their close dense pile can make a good quality rug but normally tufted rugs to not last as long as Wilton or hand mad rugs. By far the quickest type of manufacture which gives a price advantage.

Wilton and Axminster This pile is intertwined with the backing which makes the backing a more solid foundation which in turn makes the pile stand more upright therefore increasing the life of the rug. Slower production makes these rugs more costly than tufted rugs but woven rugs will last much longer. A second benefit for Wilton construction is that this machine makes two rugs at a time to halve the production cost and provide outstanding value.

Hand Tufted

Fibre is woven through a cotton backing by hand scissors. Generally good quality rugs use this process and the pile is very dense which guarantees a long life. Much quicker process than hand knotted and therefore cheaper if the same amount of fibre is used.

Hand Woven

This process is mainly used for dhurrie rugs where the pile is intertwined in a basketweave action to create a flat weave reversible rug. Popular process in India using wool and cotton fibres.

Hand Knotted

Fibre is individually knotted onto long cotton fibres which are called the warp backing. These fibres are knotted across the width of the rug then a cotton weft fibre is intertwined above these knots and then the knots are made in a line across the width until the correct length is eventually made. This is the slowest method of making the rugs but the rugs are the longest wearing depending on the quality of the fibre and the denseness of the pile. The knotting of the fibre creates a very solid backing which makes the pile stand more upright and therefore last longer. Normally wool is used as the fibre for this process as qualities are very good.

Care Instructions

Fibre wears out quicker if it is rubbed on its side. It will wear much longer if it is rubbed or walked on at the top of its length. Therefore hand knotted rugs give the longest life because their strong backing make the pile stand more upright which means they wear out less quickly.However, other constructions can still last a long time if the fibre is strong and the density is very tight so the wear is at the end of the fibre.

Hand knotted, hand woven and hand tufted rugs are generally made in poor underdeveloped countries where the long process can be absorbed due to very low labour costs.