Discussion of Rug Safety Issues
Safety Issues
Did you know that falls account for about half of all accidental deaths in the home. Most injuries caused by falls happen at ground level and not from high places. The chances of falling increase when it is dark and when things are not put away.
Here are some things we can all do to reduce the chances for falls and slips in our homes due to rugs:

* Keep floors clean -- immediately clean up grease, water and other spilled materials immediately.
* Tape, tack, or otherwise secure any curled sides or ends of floor coverings -- use nonskid area rugs.
* Cover stairs with tightly woven carpet or non-slip treads.
* Place a rubber mat or nonskid strips on the bathtub/shower floor
* Take care to maintain a safe home environment. For example,  use nonskid rugs and handrails to prevent falls.
* Keep floors and stairways clear -- secure loose telephone and electrical cords around room edges -- don't allow cords to run through heavy foot traffic areas or under rugs or furniture legs.

 Hay Fever sufferers
* Try to stay away from things that give you hay fever and let someone else do outside chores.
* Try to keep dust, mold and pollen away from you at home and work:
* Wash your rugs and take carpets and drapes out of your bedroom.


Asthmatics  can do a number of things to help themselves:
* Find out what triggers your asthma, and get rid of things that bother you at home and at work.
* Use throw rugs not carpeting.
* Don't use drapes. Collects a lot of dust
* Vacuum and dust often. Wear a dust-filter mask when you do.