Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a catalog that you can send me?

No. Our entire catalog is online. We can however, send color prints of most area rugs and area rug collections.

How do I contact Rugs R US?

Use our contact page or send an email to

How can I pay for my Rugs or items?

Via secure transacations processes of PayPal as favoured by companies like eBay. To use Paypal please view your basket then follow your checkout procedure until you get to Paypal then use your regular mastercard or visa credit card. Please note we have no explicit control over the timings of payments or refunds.

How are your rugs shipped?

Rugs are shipping via our couriers

How quickly will my purchase be processed?

Most are shipped with 48 hours of  receipt of payment advice. However as part of our processes we check stock availability which if not  immediatly available might introduce a delay.

What is your Return Policy?

Our rugs are carefully packaged before shipping and are shipped direct to you from the manufacturer.
In the rare event your rug arrives damaged or defective may be returned. You must get a return authorization code from us via email. 

Rugs must be returned within 30 days of purchase and require a return authorization code. The manufacturer charges a 15% restocking fee.We do not refund original or return shipping and handling.

When shopping on our site, please note the color of the rugs may show some color variation due to monitors quality differences. Smaller size rugs may vary in scale and design. You may request a color photographic picture for clarity.

What the difference between the fibres used?

Each fibre represents value for its particular quality and price point. The difference between qualities is determined by the closeness of the fibres and the construction that is used.

Natural Sheep fibre mainly supplied from New Zealand, India and Pakistan. Wool is a hard wearing, easy to clean fibre that has a soft feel that resists burning and keeps its appearance over a long period. Wool is normally used in medium to better qualities.

Includes nylon, acrylic and polypropalene fibres which are man made artificial yarns. All synthetic fibres are very strong and ensure a long life. They are washable and produce clear colours at a lower price than wool. Heatset polypropalene yarn has become very popular as it has a wool look and very dense pile. It is also stain resistant.

Natural fibre mainly supplied from Bangladesh. Provides a hand mad appearance at a very reasonable price. Qualities are generally very dense, thick pile due to the low cost of the fibre. Jute is not as long wearing as wool or synthetic fibres.